Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cloudi?

Cloudi is a unique, hand-crafted ambient cloud lamp. It's a statement piece for the bedroom, office, living room, and workspace. Cloudi's soft light and unique design sets a calm, relaxing atmosphere to help you work, sleep, or have those deep conversations with your friends.

Can I hang Cloudi?

Yes, you can hang the Cloudi easily - over half of our customers do! For the wired version, the hook can be used to suspend the Cloudi. For the wireless version, the battery pack can be attached to the ceiling using double sided tape. 

How large is Cloudi?

On average, a Cloudi is 14 x 10 x 8 inches. Each Cloud Lamp is hand crafted so the sizes can slightly vary. Since each cloud is hand crafted, each one can slightly vary. Please contact us if you require a certain sized cloud!

Is Cloudi actually that fluffy?

Yes. It's very fluffy. Closest thing you'll get to touching an actual cloud!

How is Cloudi Powered?

You can make your Cloudi wired or wireless. The wired version plugs directly into the wall outlet, and the wireless version is battery powered, requiring 8 AA batteries to operate.


What are Cloudi's lighting options? How do the settings work?

Cloudi is controlled through an app on your phone. You can select any color on the RGB scale, select preset modes (fade, strobe) or make your own color combinations. It can also react to your music and dance along with you!

How long will it take for a Cloudi to arrive once I order?

Under normal circumstances, we'll usually ship within 2 business days! We try to get the Cloud Lamp over to you as soon as possible, please refer to our Shipping Policy for more details.

Do you do custom orders?

Yes! Whether you want to fill your bedroom ceiling with our Cloud Lamps, or your workspace, or have a couple 6-foot clouds for your event space, we do it all! Just contact us here.