Cloudi for Living

Yes, Cloudi looks great in your bedroom and with your gaming/work setup. But we've also seen some very creative Cloudi placements outside of that: from hanging it in your living room to the nursery to using it to up your Instagram game. Cloudi is also in cafes, art studios, event venues, and coworking spaces!

Cloudi around the house

Cloudi in living room

Cloudi serves as an amazing coffee table conversation piece. Its soft light provides a relaxing atmosphere for anyone to have a casual, fun, or deep conversation. Have it by your couch in the living room, on your shelves, or combine it with your other decor pieces for a new level of home decor.

Cloudi around your workspace

Cloudi in workspace

A proper, comfortable workspace is crucial to get in the right headspace and spur productivity. Place Cloudi around your workspace to set a comfortable and productive mood. Choose from one of Cloudi's preset color patterns, or set it to certain colors depending on your given state (blue = working, green = thinking, red = on call, etc.) The possibilities are endless! 

Cloudi with people

Cloudi loves people: pose with a Cloudi in your next Insta post and you'll see the distance. Cloudi is extremely photogenic.

Cloudi's squishiness 

Cloudi squishiness

Time and time again, we get asked... how squishy and fluffy is Cloudi really? To answer in a video: quite squishy. And quite fluffy. Cloudi is the perfect companion, whether you want to uplevel your Instagram game or just want to reflect and chill in the soft, warm glow for Cloudi's mystic light.

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