Cloudi for Gaming

As avid gamers, we know how important lighting is for your battlestation. While LED strips are great, they don't offer the flexibility and fluffiness that Cloudi offers. Plus, and LED + Cloudi combo is pretty sweet... as some of our fellow gamers can attest to!

Since Cloudi is interactive, it can react to the music and in-game sound. You can sync it with the rest of your LEDs, or select your own colour patterns depending on how you want to vibe with each game. What better way to celebrate a win than with Cloudi (a fluffy, colorful, hangable, and smart companion)?

Cloudi for the battlestation

Cloudi for battlestation

Most of our gamers hang Cloudi over their monitors to create a mystic, exciting ambient lighting environment for when they get that triple kill in League of Legends, or an ace in CSGO, or win in Fortnite. Regardless of your setup, Cloudi will brighten it up and get you in the mood to win.

You'll forget that you're inside

Cloudi battlestation

Bring nature to you with Cloudi. Having two magical cloud lamps hang over your head when your deep in the action will make you forget that you're inside and take you to a new level of immersion.

Say GG with Cloudi

good game

Cloudi is the perfect, fluffiest gaming companion. We can't wait to see how you deck out your battlestation! Please send your Cloudi photos to us on Instagram or Facebook, and we'll share them with the entire Lytec community! 

Don't have one yet? Purchase a Cloudi here.