Cloudi for Bedroom

You spend over a third of your life sleeping (hopefully). Your bedroom is where you spend most of your time and after a long day, you need a space to sleep and relax so you can be energized for the next day! A space that is truly your own; one that reflects who you are through its decor and vibe.

Lighting plays a huge role in affecting your emotions and the mood, and Cloudi is here to help you with that. Cloudi's ambient lighting technology provides a soft light that helps you fall asleep, meditate, and facilitate deep conversations with your friends. 

Use Cloudi to personalize your space, and set the mood, whatever the mood.

Cloudi by the bedside

Cloudi by bedside

Hang your Cloudi right above the bed, or have it on your bedside drawer - either way, the calming, soft light will help you fall asleep quickly and peacefully. It's also great for nighttime reading and for setting the mood for movie night!

Cloudi around the bedroom

Cloudi in bedroom

 Cloudi doesn't have to be right by the bed - we've had customers hang it in their "music corner" or by their speakers so Cloudi dances to the music. Cloudi also looks amazing with some flowers, picture frames, or potted plants!

Be creative with your Cloudi!

Got some space on the bookshelf? Beside your potted plant? Or just have a part of the ceiling you KNOW Cloudi would absolutely rock? Put Cloudi anywhere and watch it light up the entire space.

We can't wait to see what other ideas you come up with! Please send your Cloudi photos to us on Instagram or Facebook, and we'll share them with the entire Lytec community! 

Don't have one yet? Purchase a Cloudi here.